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Partnering with Tacmed Australia, we identified an opportunity to use Virtual Reality simulation to train and develop first responder skills in high threat / low-frequency events. Training is a vital element of police, ambulance, fire & rescue agencies. The ability to recreate complex and dangerous situations safely and consistently is a game-changer for first responders. 

The scenarios were modeled on real-life emergencies and were developed in Unreal Engine using a combination of motion capture, animation, and 3d rendering to recreate real paramedic tools and protocols. The simulations deliver a highly stressful and overwhelming experience designed to test the participants critical decision-making skills in a real-time environment. 

We are continuing to develop additional scenarios and are now working with agencies and higher education institutes in the USA and Australia to build a library of training content and a platform that serves first responders globally. The evidence so far has indicated that the VR training is highly engaging and skill retention is higher than traditional training protocols. We have developed a separate entity called EmergiSim to continue this work.   

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