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ASICS VR - World cup jersey Launch


We were asked to design a VR experience to assist in launching the newly designed ASICS brand jerseys for the 2019 Rugby World Cup. The idea was to give fans the chance to step inside a VR headset and experience a short narrative experience.

The launch was to coincide with the release of the ASICS ‘Move As One’ campaign, which offers an inside look into the dedication, sacrifice and focus it takes for a professional player to represent their country on the biggest stage rugby has to offer.

The VR experience placed the user inside an ASICS “Lab” which features players training and preparing for the World Cup. The user then received a guided narrative experience (in both English and Japanese) that included detailed technical details about the jersey’s design, the research and development that goes into creating them and how each jersey is specifically designed for both the player’s needs and the demands that are placed on the jersey during each game. 

The experience ended with the user being placed on the field with 3 Rugby players in front of them. The user then finds themselves “under the high ball” as the players rush towards them ready to tackle them as soon as they take possession. This gave the user an unique and exciting perspective on what confront a player in the world cup and a fun VR experience tied to the jersey’s design and release. 

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