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The “Living Cave VR” project was a VR experience designed to accompany an Australian produced 3D IMAX film Called “Australia: The Wild Top End 3D”. The VR experience was designed for museum exhibits, trade shows and the lobby areas of giant screen and IMAX theaters around the world.

The “Living Cave VR” experience immerses the user in a photorealistic capture of an indigenous living cave situated in remote Arnhem land in Northern Australia. The experience offers the audience a unique opportunity to spend time in an aboriginal living cave that has been home to countless generations of Indigenous Australians over thousands of years. 

The Cave has been captured with thousands of high resolution photographs and the these images have been stitched together and projected onto a three dimensional model of the of the caves interior. It is as close as you can get to actually visiting a real indigenous living cave and considering how hard it is to get there and the need to preserve the site “Living Cave VR” acts as both a stunning virtual travel experience and a fantastic educational resource.

This VR experience is a photorealistic virtual reality recreation of an Indigenous art site situated in Arnhem land in Australia’s Northern territory. The traditional owner of the area Charlie Mangulda has given his permission to the team to record this cave to help showcase his peoples culture and their long history in the area. 

It allows viewers to interact with art works and hear from traditional owners about what each artwork signifies and how they used the space for thousands of years. The user can also freely explore this remote cave which is full of ancient rock art and artifacts and best of all, you can do this from anywhere in the world. 

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