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The Roache Turner Brothers (Directors of “Nekrotronic”) were also the creators of the cult hit zombie film Wyrmwood. They wanted to create a unique experience in VR, based on their recently released trailer for the upcoming TV series “Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead”. 

We recognised the huge potential for new game play ideas and an opportunity for us to delve further into VR game development based off original I.P.Using what we know from the film (released in 2015) and the extended trailer for the new TV series, we created a narrative that bridges the trailer story into the TV series.


We got to interweave an interesting narrative and turn abilities from certain characters in the show into actual playable features to develop their powers even further. The other great benefit was the creation of photorealistic 3D environments for the game that can now be used in post production for the TV show. 

This process gave the directors a chance to previsualize complicated environments and settings and will become immensely valuable for production planning in the future. To keep it true to the world of Wyrmwood we went through an extensive character development phase where we tested multiple character creation pipelines for our zombies and antagonists. 

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