Design and Develop

Our team at Spectre Studios understands how important it is to create an engaging gaming experience and our strategic and creative team are committed to solving the most complex challenges in the world of game design in VR.


VR Adventure puzzle game

Fish out of water story…. Unwitting hero is roped into doing someone else’s job and then accidentally triggers a nuclear test and then has to “fix” the problem.


As he embarks on his journey he discovers that the test was sabotaged by the very person he replaced to do the job in the first place. Can he solve the puzzles in time and reset the Nuke before the town goes boom?


VR Adventure , Escape the facility

We are in the process of designing a photoreal VR puzzle game that immerses the user in an environment where they have to solve physical based detective style puzzles to escape.


You will have to out smart the A.I that has recently taken over your research lab but do so with out the use of electronic tools and technology.


VR Adventure , Escape the facility

Manipulate time and space to survive the Esher Construct. More details to come.


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