We bridge the gap between film and experience. Through our pipeline we create extended reality experiences that accompany feature films with strong IP that can extend itself well with the medium.

Apart from creating bespoke content for ourselves - we have teamed up with other productions to bring their films into the virtual worlds.

We are creating worlds firsts and leading Australia in this field. 

From the creators of WYRMWOOD, the Roache-Turner Brothers. Starring Monica Bellucci, Ben O'Toole and Tess Haubrich. 

Spectre Studios is incredibly excited to announce that we are in production on a roomscale VR project connected to this awesome film! We can't wait to tell and show you more!

Wild Pacific Films new IMAX feature film "Australia the wild top end" will be released early 2018 and we had the pleasure to work closely on an interactive roomscale VR experience which lets you visit an ancient cave featured in the documentary. 

In many ways this is a worlds first and we have progressed further into developing a series featuring some of the oldest places in human history.

The sole purpose for this experience is to show the potential social impact of VR. This is a not for profit project with ideal use for NGO’s and advocate groups to aide in raising awareness and funds for their cause.

War Torn follows a first person account of a recently destroyed residential area. As the viewer travels through the space, they are guided by a narrator who helps give context to the scene.


The location is non-specific and universal so the focus is held on the human perspective and not any one specific conflict. Designed and built entirely in Unreal Engine 4 for a “realtime” VR experience.


We have built a completley immersive environment from sound design and emotion being the driving force in the world. VR has the potential to transcend politics, remove bias and end stereotypes. There is no subject that needs this more than the refugee experience - now the greatest humanitarian crisis of our time.

Watch the trailer here


Roomscale VR project - HTC Vive and Occulus Rift

A narrated voyage through the visible cosmos designed to show how on every level of scale- there is something magical and wonderful about life in this universe.


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