Real-time Capture for VFX and Virtual Reality

Utilizing state of the art inertia motion capture suits that are completely sensor based, we can capture performances directly into a previs environment for immediate viewing.

There are no special studio set ups (multiple capture sensors, cameras etc etc), our solution enables the actor/ dancer/ performers to be captured in their natural setting.


This can then be used to visualise concepts in realtime previz.


Mx.Red is an augmented reality series of experiences with live performance exploring gender theory and intimacy. Debuting at Footscray Community Arts Centre as part of Festival of Live Art, this installation transform FCAC into a portal for performance. Using motion capture technology to feature the music of Joyce Wrice (USA) go on a journey to meet Mx.Red, a person beyond gender lines that shifts perception on physical intimacy.  

Motion Capture VFX

Our pipeline allows us to view the performance in Virtual Reality which is perfect for giving scale of the scene and the ability to block through the recorded movement for shot position and performance.

Realtime rendering for Pre Viz


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