CAPTURE - Point Cloud Pipeline

Environment / Asset / People

Whether its for use in Feature Films, Augmented or Virtual Reality , Gaming assets or purely for archival cultural capture, we can capture any object, environment or person and convert them into a cloud of point data with millimeter accuracy.


Every aspect from color to specular, we take all the raw elements and using our state of the art real-time rendering & PBR workflow create real presence. 

We capture, process and optimize full environments and assets for "realtime" interactivity in both gaming and Virtual Reality.


We were approached by Proxi VR to recreate 3 specific areas for a project they have for their stunt previz. They needed to accurately plan logistics around crew, vehicles, camera support for action sequences that involved high speed chases to a fine detail, while staying safe.

Based on our output we calculated height, speed, coverage overlap, lens type, capture format and sent these details to the drone operators on location to upload to their drones for execution.

Once the capture was complete we processed the capture into 3 subsequent data sets generating point clouds of approximately 2bn points of data. We then pushed the data sets through our pipeline to deliver an asset to be used in the pre viz in Unreal Engine. 


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