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Atmosfear is an Australian horror video board game series originally released in 1991. In just 2 years after the game's launch, the two millionth Nightmare board game was sold. Since then, three game expansions have been released.

Atmosphere is being brought forward in to the future by having an App based version created for mobile and online platforms. Spectre Studios was engaged to create the new “Gatekeeper” character. As the original character was an actor in make up and prosthetics, this involved us redesigning him from scratch and completely in Unreal Engine. 

The end result was a photo realistic “digital human” model that is rigged to the UE4 real time facial mapping and capture system. This enabled us to film the actor voicing the character, tracking their performance with an iPhone X depth sensor and using that data to animated the character in real time, no long render times required. 

We delivered over 290 separate animated clips of the newly created Gatekeeper for use in the App. We were also able to deliver highly detailed images for use in marketing, packaging and social media promotion. 

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